Purchase a TenPass

If you're a frequent Fast Ferry traveler, then a Bay State Cruise Company TenPass can save you a lot of money. It allows you to buy ten trips ahead of time, at a significant discount from regular adult fares.

Once purchased, TenPasses have no expiration date, and may be used with any ferry reservation involving two or fewer passengers. Each of a TenPass's ten trips covers one ferry ride for one passenger. So, for example, two passengers using a new TenPass with a round-trip reservation would have four trips deducted from the pass's initial ten trips, leaving six trips to use later.

TenPasses come in two varieties. If you often travel with your bicycle, we recommend the TenPass option that includes bikes. Otherwise, bringing your bike along while using a normal TenPass costs an additional $6.00 per trip ($12.00 for round-trip reservations).

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